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It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

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Knowledge Base

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding our SNAP!™ software. Please contact tech support if you have a question that is not yet answered below.


SNAP!™ Requirements

Critical Tips Before Getting Started

How To Connect And Test Your Keypad System

How to move your SNAP! presentation to another computer

Important note regarding administrative privileges

Getting Started With SNAP!™


'Introduction to SNAP' Sample Slideshow

Preparing Your Own PowerPoint Slideshow For Audience Polling

Polling The Audience

Displaying The Collected Responses

Outputting Collected Response Data

Creating Custom Graph Templates

Creating Custom Time Clock Templates

Changing the Timer Music Playlist

SNAP!™ Advanced Features

Getting Started using SNAP! Advanced Features

Using a Master Keypad For Presentation Control

Displaying Comparative Response Graphs

Scoring with Correct Answers and Point Values

How Do I Poll An Impromtu Question?

Filtering of Responses From Audience Sub-groups

Tracking Individual Responses Using a Roster

Gaming with Teams and Individuals

Multi-Digit Response For Ranking and Multiple-Selection Polls

HELP, I'm Having a Problem...

Conflicts Between SNAP! and Other PowerPoint Add-Ins for Audience Polling

I Can Only Collect Responses From Keypad Addresses 1 Through 5

The SNAP! Controls On My Slide Don't Do Anything When I Click Them

SNAP! Doesn't Find My Keypad System and Will Only Run in Demo Mode

How Do I Download The Latest Version of SNAP?

I Don't Find My Problem Listed Here...

I left-click on the SNAP poller to start the clock, but the clock does not appear-although the time music plays and the keypad data is collected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many computers can this product be installed on?

What If I Want To Re-Poll the Question?

What If I Don�t Want to Re-Poll, Just Display the Data Again?

The Text Labels on the Graph Are Very Hard to Read on My Presentation�s Background. How do I Change This?

Now That I Have Polled Data From My Audience, What�s Next?

When I Launch SNAP, or Start a Particular Slide Show, the Program Seems to Freeze. What Could Be Causing This and What Can I Do About It?

How Do I Create My Own Graph Templates?

How do I Create My Own Time Clock Templates?

How do I Change the Music That I Hear When the Timer is Counting Down?

Does SNAP Work With other PowerPoint Polling Software?

SNAP Fails to Start When I Double-Click the Icon - What Do I Do?

How Can I See How Many Responses Have Been Received While Polling?

What New Advanced Capabilities Does SNAP! Have?

How Do I Use a Filter Question in a Session?

What is a Filter Question and How Do I Define It?

How Do I Use a Filter Question in Reporting?

How Do I Use SNAP Advanced in a Game Show Format?

How Do I Display Scores During a Game?

How Do I Use the Master Keypad Control?

How Do I Track and View Responses By Participants' Names?

What if I Don�t Want To Use the Master Keypad?

How Do I Display a Comparative Graph of Responses From Two Questions?

How Do I Poll and Impromptu Question?

Once I�ve Played a Game, How Can I Print Out the Scores?

What if I Have a PowerPoint Presentation That Does Not Contain the Question Options as Enumerated Lists?

I Purchased SNAP Starter, How Do I Get SNAP With Advanced features?

How to Move Your SNAP! Presentation to Another Computer

Setting PowerPoint's Security to Work With SNAP!

How Do I Determine Which Keypad System Type I Have?

How Do I Determine My Windows Operating System Version and System Type?

How Do I Determine My Microsoft Office PowerPoint Version?

How Do I Upgrade My Free Trial Copy of SNAP!™ to a Fully Functioning System?

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SNAP!™ is licensed for use with Fleetwood wireless response systems

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